Care Mothers

What is a Care Mother?

The Care Mother is a mother that desires to contribute to her family income and to the development of her community through the care of sons and daughters of other working mothers, in their own homes offering not only attention and basic necessities but also attending emotional necessities and the formation of values.

Requirements of a Care Mother

  1. Must enjoy caring for children
  2. Must be a biological mother
  3. Age range between 24 and 45
  4. Have your own home, and to have living there at least 1 year.
  5. Cannot be the only family income.
  6. The family must be in agreement that the home will be used for the care of children
  7. The space assigned for The Care Home services should be at the entrance of the house near the kitchen and bathroom and should be at least 20-25 square meters.
  8. It must have a clean and secure space for recreation either in the front or backyard where children may play.
  9. The house may not serve as a space for an additional business (grocery store, mechanic shop etc).
  10. The interested Care Mother must have the assurance that there is a need for a care home in the area for children from 18 months -9 years of age.
  11. The interested party should be relatively close to a kindergarten or elementary school in order to facilitate the drop off of children at their school.
  12. The potential care home cannot be close to another care home.
  13. The house may not have pets or carpets.
  14. The potential Care Mother must pass the psychological evaluation applied by the Deputy Attorney of Social and Judicial Assistance.
  15. Middle School graduate