How can I participate?


The volunteer program at Casas de Cuidado Diario is the backbone of the labor the institution carries out through a program of continuous training.

Our volunteers are the motor which allow us to develop a virtuous cycle of human development in different fields for our Care Mothers, boys and girls, parents and the personnel that work in conjuncture to develop the programs that the institution manages.

The unity of all these wills and service enrich the operation and permit a growth and development based on this social capital.

There are two ways to be a volunteer:

Development Guide

The guide is a volunteer of the institution responsible for the support and verification of the operation of The Daily Care Home to assure its proper functioning

The development guide must visit the Daily Care Home once a week. Additionally, she must assist a monthly meeting with the Volunteer Coordinator every first Tuesday of each month.

Parents’ Meetings Guide

The guide is a volunteer of the institution who communicates the philosophy of the program to the families in the community and maintains a direct contact with the Care Mother. She is responsible in supplying the parents with tools for family integration through the presentation of the topics offered each month.

The Parent’s Meetings Guide must attend The Daily Care Home once a month to conduct a meeting with the parents.

Additionally, she must attend a monthly meeting with the volunteer coordinator the first Monday of each month.